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OUR LAW FIRM advises and assists you at every stage. Call on our
expertise, gain in serenity and time!

We secure your international development project and assist you in its financing.

Creating a company is a strong and exciting human adventure. However, bringing your project to life can quickly become complex and a source of anxiety. How can you be sure to make the right choices and take all the necessary steps to prepare for the start of your business? Our firm will help you make the best decisions and implement your project quickly.

Our recommendations

- Trust our expertiseand our knowledge of the market and the local economic fabric.

- Benefit from an objective and constructive opinion on your entire project.

- Gain visibilityGain visibility, security and advice on your procedures.

- Free yourself from time-consuming administrative time-consuming administrative constraints.

- Concentrate fully on the development of your of your business.

How we work

- Letter of engagement which defines our intervention.

- Support in 3 phases before, during and after the creation.

- Respect for the confidentiality of your information.

- Mission report of the mission.


We provide an answer to your questions:

We study your project and help you develop a VIABLE BUSINESS PLAN.

We participate in your search for AND PARTNERS.

We advise you in the choice of the THE BEST LEGAL, FISCAL AND SOCIAL STATUS.

We carry out THE COMPLETION OF YOUR ADMINISTRATIVE administrative formalities.

We help you define your KEY INDICATORS and to put in place the MANAGEMENT TOOLS adapted to your activity.

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Domicile your business


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Domicile your business