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OUR LAW FIRM advises and assists you at every stage. Call on our
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We secure the valuation of your company.

Your company may be required to carry out a valuation in the course of its life in the context of sales and acquisitions, but also in the context of inheritance, finance, litigation, etc. Valuation can also be important as a management tool for your company. In all cases, this complex operation requires specific skills.

Our recommendations

- Trust our expertiseand our knowledge of the market and the local economic fabric.

- Do not underestimate the time it takes to do this.

- Rest assured of our commitment to to defend your best interests.

How we work

- Letter of engagement which defines our intervention.

- Independence, confidentiality and ethics guaranteed in accordance with the Code of Ethics of our profession.

- Mission report of the mission.

We provide an answer to your questions:

ACQUISITION, TRANSFER, RESTRUCTURINGvaluation of an INTANGIBLE ASSETentry of NEW PARTNERSrealization of an INVESTMENT... are all cases in which you can request a valuation.

We carry out an AUDITan DIAGNOSTIC and an DATA ANALYSIS to obtain the BEST ESTIMATE of your company's value

We choose the most appropriate valuation methods MOST APPROPRIATE to your situation.

We advise you and HIGHLIGHT THE KEY POINTS TO LOOK OUT FOR during the evaluation of your company.

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